Special projects happen.
(Luckily, there’s an agency for that.)

You can stop breathing into that paper bag now. We’ve got it. We’re here for those wait-I-thought-you-were-doing-it projects. We know all about your its-so-top-secret-I-didn’t-even-know-to-plan-for-it projects. And we won’t judge you for the it’s-been-on-the-back-burner-so-long-we’ve-run-out-of-gas projects. These kinds of projects are the very reason we’re in business.

Our process is flexible, with deliberate steps the whole way through. Our people are brilliant, accomplished, and ready

to make our clients’ work shine. Our core team is nimble and efficient. Our talent pool is vast and deep. And at the end of the day, we bring together the perfect mix of resources to work intelligently, create brilliantly, and deliver a project that by every definition is just right.

treetree is the Agency of Special Projects, focused on delivering smart ideas that move people. Because special projects happen.

Our special projects

Turning winning into believing for the
Columbus Blue Jackets.

Only once in franchise history had The Columbus Blue Jackets made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs. In 2013, although the Jackets didn’t advance, there was an excited buzz in the air. With a new coach, a passionate army of players and rejuvenated fans, and the league’s best goalie, suddenly there was more to shout about… and treetree was just the agency to help raise the volume.

The campaign helped hockey fans recapture the thrills of the season.

Tapping into the city’s growing optimism, we created a multi-faceted marketing plan designed to instill pride, passion, and belief in the team’s fan base. With defiant, strong print ads, emotionally powerful television, as well as direct mail, email, online, outdoor, and radio advertising, the campaign captured all the excitement of the past season, and all the potential of the one to come.

Launched during Stanley Cup playoffs, the campaign helped hockey fans recapture the thrills of the season, emotionally putting the Jackets on the ice with the rest of the playoff hopefuls, poised to re-join the battle next season.

Read the Results

Read the behind-the-scenes interview about the creative strategy and the campaign results, featured in The Columbus Dispatch.
Click Here


Columbus Blue Jacket ads by treetree

Michelle Guffey
“The marketing team worked as
hard as the players to leverage
the winning season.” - Michelle Guffey
Making an impact with Progressive Medical.

Making an impact with Progressive Medical.

Progressive Medical was preparing for its most important conference of the year. As one of the nation’s leading pharmacy benefit management companies for workers’ compensation, this convention offered huge opportunities. treetree was charged with helping Progressive Medical

rise above the convention floor’s typical blur of similar-looking booths
to effectively communicate its competitive advantages. treetree’s strategy was to make people stand up and pay attention that something different was going on at Progressive Medical.






The result was the Claim Your Impact campaign. This campaign asked people to share how they make an impact on the lives of injured workers. Everyone — employees, customers, even competitors — was invited to share what impact they make on the industry.


Selected impact statements were then artfully recreated by an artist in the booth on colorful canvases. The canvases were hung on a twelve-foot tall wooden wall that towered dramatically above the sea of sameness on the convention floor. For every impact statement made, Progressive Medical made a donation to Kids’ Chance, a philanthropy dedicated to providing post-secondary education opportunities to children whose parents have been catastrophically injured or killed at work. A giveaway booklet further reinforced the message, and direct mailers and email blasts directed people to a microsite that provided both an inspirational video and another opportunity to Claim Your Impact.


Progressive Medical is
now positioned to lead the industry with a fresh, and, well, progressive point of view.

“What made this project so exciting is that we were able to completely see it through from brainstorming all the way to the convention
floor in Las Vegas.”

- Rachel White


progressive medical


Putting our heads together with OhioHealth.

As a network of some of the top-ranked hospitals and healthcare providers in the country, it's no surprise that when OhioHealth has a special project, they go big. Like unveiling plans for their state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind Neuroscience Institute. Yeah. That kind of big.

When it came time to spread the word about the new facility, they had distinct ideas and an exciting, impactful message. They needed treetree to help them find a way to share it, on a grand scale. Groundbreaking messaging and materials. Collateral of every size, shape and quantity. Media kits. Infographics. Internal messaging. Videos. And, oh yes — a way to tie it all together.






Joining forces

Working alongside our OhioHealth partners, we dug right in. That's what we do. Presented with a project of this size and scope, treetree created succinct, educational, attention-grabbing communication pieces. The material showcased the tremendous impact the Institute would have on patients, associates and the community as a whole.

OhioHealth and treetree will partner on initiatives over the next three years, as the facility morphs from concept to reality. We’re excited — and this is only the beginning.

“The materials we created were no longer just ideas on pieces of paper, but had a real, personal impact.”
- Becca Thompson Apfelstadt

Custom Infographic

The infographic compiled a significant amount of important details and data into one readable, understandable piece. The message was clear. And better yet, the word was out.

“Seeing our work come to life at the Neuroscience Institute groundbreaking event was incredible.”
- Charlotte Halliday

Knocking it out of the idegy ballpark.

When idegy, a popular promotional merchandising company, had an opportunity to reach a broader audience than ever before, they called in treetree to be their heavy hitter. As an official sponsor of the Cincinnati Reds, idegy earned advertising space in the game day program. Our challenge for this special project: elevate the idegy brand, keep them looking professional and polished, and find a big idea — making sure it was unforgettably bold.

treetree created a series of communication tools, including radio spots and print advertisements that featured an attention-starved seat cushion. Corresponding QR Codes took spectators to idegy’s Facebook page, where they could enter their own game day photos for a shot at cool prizes.


Hey, Mr. Redlegs!

We sent throwback “Mr. Redlegs” bobbleheads to the rest of the Reds' corporate sponsors. Follow-up contact led straight to increased business for idegy.

“They wanted something new. Something different. Something bold. So that's what we did.”
“As a result, they were able to set up more meetings with professional sports teams ... having those results is what it's all about.”

-Tiffany Wise

-Charlotte Halliday


Summit Financial
from Now
to Next

It had been nearly 20 years since Summit Financial created a cohesive marketing plan. A lot has changed in 20 years: we’ve had the Internet, a tech bubble, three different Batmans and a recession, among other things. Despite considerable success over the past two decades, Summit knew their marketing needed an upgrade and a fresh approach. That’s why they came to treetree.

We launched a nine-month rebranding effort aimed at finding Summit Financial’s true voice. The process began with a thorough discovery period that included qualitative research and continued as treetree worked with Summit to build upon these findings to reveal their unique market position: delivering a highly customizable product, outstanding service and a level of relationship-building that often leads to lifelong friendships.
This updated tone and voice would enable them to connect more effectively with new and potential clients, becoming the launch point for creating their brand position and identity.

The result is Summit’s first-ever cohesive brand identity, led by the new positioning statement, “Now to Next,” – a reflection of the way Summit helps its clients achieve their life and financial goals. In its first year, Summit exceeded their goal for growth and is on track for continued growth. We look forward to all that’s next.
“Over time you began to see everyone in the firm buy into their new brand promise: helping clients take their financial picture from Now to Next. The tagline works for Summit because it’s true and everyone can connect with it in their own, personal way.”
- Ellen Johnson

Our clients

"We are not here to decorate the world. We are here to communicate with it."

Our team

Hi there. This is our core team. The people who will look up with a smile when you walk through the door, both two-and four-footed.

Becca Thompson Apfelstadt

Co-Founder + CEO

linkedin.com/in/beccarkt rapfelstadt@treetreebranding.com

Think fast. Talk fast. Walk fast (in high heels). That’s Becca in a nutshell. She’s a non-stop burst of energy brimming with insights and one of the toughest strategy and branding acumens in the biz.
Becca started her career as an ad agency intern while still in high school (overachiever), eventually becoming a VP of that same agency, and then moved on to co-found treetree (mega-achiever).

Tiffany Wise

Co-Founder + Chief Creative Officer

linkedin.com/in/tiffanyellenwise twise@treetreebranding.com

Tiffany started her career as a starving fine artist, but had enough of the starving so she became one darn fine creative director. Her mission on earth is to communicate with the world,
not decorate it, a rare mantra for creative individuals in our industry. She transforms strategy into visual thinking that is so carefully crafted, the imaginative ideas unfold and go hand-in-hand with the strategic mission.

Sherri Anderson

Creative Director


Sherri’s a unique combination of thinker, writer and teacher who’s passionate about the power of ideas and how best to bring them to life. But she’s equally, if not more passionate about inspiring everyone around her to elevate their collective level of creative awesomeness.

Fiercely loyal to the Columbus ad industry, Sherri jumped in 18 years ago at Young Isaac and landed here, after her most recent tour of duty at engauge (now Moxie).
And, because she just can’t seem to harness her enthusiasm, she’s taught Copywriting at The Columbus College of Art and Design as an adjunct instructor for the past 10 years.

When she’s not thinking, writing or teaching she can be found perfecting the Ollie with her nine- and 12-year-old sons and working tirelessly to defend her 14-year, undisputed title as wife of the year.

Michelle Guffey

Discovery Director


Michelle has a long-standing history with treetree’s founding members: she spent years working alongside Becca and Tiffany at b&a, complementing their creative skills with her relationship-building, problem-solving, ass-kicking account management.
She was looking for something new. Something more creative. Hello, treetree.When she's not on the clock, She's daydreaming about returning to her writer's roots and mommy blogging (but mostly she's just mommying) or watching Gossip Girl. Xoxo.

Rachel Hillman

Group Account Director


When treetree needed a Group Account Director with guts, vision and tenacity to help us manage our expanding roster of clients and their special projects, we knew we needed Rachel. An industry vet with over a decade of account management experience and a deep understanding of what makes clients tick, she’s worked with brands like E*Trade, Columbus Blue Jackets, Adena Health System and Central Ohio Transit Authority.
While taking some time off from agency land to serve as Director of Marketing and Development at Columbus Jewish Day School, Rachel spearheaded a complete rebranding for the school and managed the school’s most successful fundraising gala to date.

A graduate of the Wexner Heritage Program, Rachel is also dancer who teaches hip-hop and ballet barre group fitness classes in her spare time, thereby disproving the notion that trees only dance swaying side to side.

Kelly Pettinger

Account Director

linkedin.com/in/kellypettinger kpettinger@treetreebranding.com

Managing special projects is one thing – managing long-term client relationships takes a particular skill. After years on the corporate side of life, Kelly's insight and experience working closely with agency partners (including treetree) gives her a unique perspective on our clients' needs. She's got an eye for strategy, a gift for creative problem solving, and a wealth of
experience in all things marketing, including branding, sales strategy, and corporate communications. In her spare time (that's sarcasm), she is an adjunct communications professor at Franklin University. As do all mothers of little boys, she cherishes a good beer, a nap, and post-bedtime control of the remote.

Charlotte Halliday

Account Leader

linkedin.com/in/charlottehalliday1 challiday@treetreebranding.com

From hand-feeding rhinos to jumping out of planes, there is nothing this world traveler can’t do. As a treetree special project manager, Charlotte is the liaison to the client; part planner, part creative communicator, occasional copywriter and always brilliant. Charlotte is a citizen of
both England and New Zealand. Personally, we love it when her accent sneaks through; we think it makes us sound fancy.

Bethany Beaman

Account Leader


An agency rock star with over ten years experience working with clients big and small, Bethany comes to treetree ready to take our unique approach to special projects to the next level. With a resume that includes account management for big names like Abbott Nutrition, Eli Lilly, Express and the Sundance Film Festival, we knew that she would have the smarts and flexibility to take on treetree’s growing roster of clients.
When she’s not killing it at the tree house, this former nomad (seriously, she moved every three years growing up, spending time in places like Northern Virginia and Saudi Arabia) enjoys obsessively cheering on the Blue Jackets and going to concerts and music festivals.

Betsy Ferguson

Special Project Manager

linkedin.com/in/elizabethmferguson bferguson@treetreebranding.com

As a Special Project Manager, Betsy is equal parts finance guru, timeline tyrant, strategic planner and perky cheerleader. She supports our OhioHealth partnership by facilitating a steady stream of ever-important daily communications and by managing the flow of work between our external partners and the internal team. Before taking root at the treehouse,
Betsy worked with some of the top agencies in Columbus, learning the intricacies of pharma and healthcare, the ins and outs of sponsorship and the importance of face time, even when email is easier. Her experience managing projects ranges from TV, radio, print and digital for a variety of national clients.
Her favorite things are puppies, chocolate and dinosaurs. In that order.

Niki Calvaruso

Project Coordinator

linkedin.com/in/nikicalvaruso niki@treetreebranding.com

Niki first walked into the tree house thinking she’d work a ten-hour week as our go-to assistant. She put in ten hours that first day, and we’ve kept her on the move ever since! When you find someone with that perfect combination of innate street smarts, genuine enthusiasm for learning and creativity, and freakish levels of energy (seriously, it’s like having a puppy), you know big things will come.
Niki has a hand in most of the day-to-day tasks required to keep a bustling business... well, bustling. She assists our account team with everything from creative development to event management and owns the office management role like a champ. We’re grateful for her infectious spirit and her mad lip-syncing skills.

John Pribble

Senior Strategist + Consultant

linkedin.com/in/johnpribbleiii jpribble@treetreebranding.com

A self-professed lover of the written word, John's mission in life (okay, at work) is to approach, understand, and evangelize design as a problem-solving process. Passion, ingenuity, integrity — and a little good old-fashioned competitiveness — define his character, and he shines
when working with high-powered, cross-disciplinary teams on the big scale design stuff. He's also a serial entrepreneur: whether you need a killer brand strategy, an organic vegetable, or a quaint bed and breakfast, John's your man.

Karen Hawley

Creative Operations Manager

linkedin.com/in/karenhawley khawley@treetreebranding.com

Karen works with our wily creatives on all things production and traffic, helping to manage, organize, and track the special projects flying in and out of the treehouse every day. Needless to say, it's an ever-evolving, always-changing role that requires a little agility, a firm hand, and a vast amount of patience.
After nearly 20 years in agency life, Karen's amassed experience with vendor relationships, refined the art of resource management, and perfected being that nag that we all complain about sometimes but secretly really love. Before you go thinking she's tough as nails, though, we should tell you... she's been known to laugh so hard she cries.

Nick Feeley


linkedin.com/in/nickfeeley nfeeley@treetreebranding.com

Nick is a copywriter, meaning that in between fielding questions on the proper usage of the oxford comma, he works closely with both the account and creative teams to ensure that our client’s strategy comes through the words on the page. He loves it when copy and design come together to make clients and customers alike think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”
Before taking up residence at the treehouse, Nick worked in the marketing departments for a number of organizations like The Ohio Society of CPAs, Bricker & Eckler and Manta Media, where he honed his writing chops and quickly became the go-to guy for any and all copy projects.

Outside of treetree, enjoys riding his bike, trying to become a scotch aficionado and indulging in a very serious record collecting habit.

Carolyn Chester

Lead Designer

linkedin.com/in/carolynchester cchester@treetreebranding.com

Carolyn found her way into a design career when her parents gently tried to steer her away from a dance major. We think we speak for all creatives when we say: way to show them. Carolyn’s a passionate typographer, with expertise spanning concepting and design execution, copywriting knowhow, and marketing communications, especially in the non-profit arena.
She has worked in agencies large and small throughout Chicago, before calling Columbus home. So sure, Carolyn displays a laser-sharp focus on marketing – and branding-specific design. But be careful not to overlook her softer side – best demonstrated in the aww-worthy “etc.” section of her portfolio that presents beautifully crafted invitations and announcements.

Melissa Jackson

Senior Graphic Designer + Creative Resource Manager

linkedin.com/in/mesjackson mjackson@treetreebranding.com

With a BFA from CCAD in Advertising and Graphic Design, Melissa is what we like to call “the real deal.” With more than a decade of creative work under belt, she comes to treetree chock-full of amazing ideas and huge talent.
Oh, and, um, did we happen to mention she was a bona fide roller derby queen? Oh yeah, we said it. Her derby name is Hellvetica, and her number's 72pt. Like we said ... the real deal.
Lindsey Flenner

Lindsey Flenner

Graphic Designer

linkedin.com/in/lflenner lflenner@treetreebranding.com

Graphic designer. Yogi. Art addict. Lindsey’s creative insights and passion for all things branding are infectious. She’s a true asset with a wealth of knowledge spanning multiple industries and she complements not just our design team but our strategy efforts as well.
When she’s not in the tree house, the antique lover is teaching us the meaning of being “junk drunk,” honing her green thumb or exploring the capital city’s many great restaurants, one craft beer at a time.

Carolyn Taylor

Graphic Designer


What happens when huge talent meets huge fun? A safe answer would be Carolyn. Whether she's designing eye catching logos or room-sized installations, she never lets up on her enthusiasm or great sense of humor.
Prior to taking up residence at treetree, Carolyn created large-scale environmental graphics, way finding, touch-screen designs and more for clients who wanted to make a statement like ESPN. When not taking treetree designs to the next level, she can be found spoiling her dogs and trying to develop a green thumb.

Allie Tripodi

Office Manager


In a nutshell, Allie’s a collector, organizer, prioritizer, and translator of data. She serves as the one-stop resource for HR-related questions, accounting matters, report running, and number crunching. Ultimately we chose “Office Manager/Bookkeeper” as her official title, mostly because “Prioritizer” didn’t translate well onto a business card.
After a few years climbing the corporate ladder, Allie was thrilled when it led to a treehouse – complete with fulfilling work, fun people, and that mythical work-life balance she’d heard speak of. These days she’s counted on, both at the office and at home, for impromptu dance parties, the latest Hollywood gossip, and help with crossword puzzles.

Sherry Sargeant

Special Project Outreach


With a background in public broadcasting, special events, public relations and business development, Sherry joins treetree with a wealth of knowledge and an arsenal of experience. Working in Special Project Outreach, Sherry is treetree’s go-to for finding new
business leads and partners, and helping the agency broaden its reach in the marketing community. When she’s not on the clock, she spends her time rescuing animals, earning her second degree in Biology and restoring her Victorian home. Talk about the total package!
Madeline's primary responsibility is keeping the office chic and stylish. “It's no small task,” she explains. “These people are wonderfully kind, but they're slobs.” Her co-workers are quick to sing her praises; she may be young, but her taste is impeccable.

Madeline Claire Thompson

Style Director

About us

treetree has roots in strategy and qualitative consumer research. It means we believe in listening twice as much as we talk. (One mouth. Two ears. Seems obvious.) From in-depth telephone interviews to store intercepts, observational research, e-surveys, and focus groups, we always start with “why?”

We work with clients to complete special projects of all kinds. Some are to achieve short-term results. Some are to overcome longer-term challenges. Some are geared at attracting the next great talent for employment. Others are consumer-focused campaigns to educate, relate, inspire, provoke thought or inspire action.

We’re the fresh set of eyes, the new perspective, the added resource.

Sometimes, you need a partner to shake things up. Jump hurdles. Knock down walls. And sometimes, you just need a partner you can trust to act fast. A reliable, dependable collaborator to help you get things done. treetree stands out for exceptional work in print, direct mail, broadcast, interactive, and environmental - all designed with a singular focus: to help our clients achieve their goals. The trick is staying nimble enough to zig, and creative enough to zag.

Because of our commitment to partnering with our clients, the project doesn't end when we turn over the final proof. Thorough follow-up and a clear understanding of the results are just as important to us as the task itself. After all, that's where we really get put to the test: did we develop a great idea? And did that idea move people toward a specific, deliberate action? These are the standards by which we measure success. It's in our roots.

"We make great partners. Much of our best work is done in tandem with partner agencies or internal groups."

Contact us

We're here when you need us.
Call. Email. Send up a Bat signal. We're ready to jump in and knock your next special project out of the park. (Just want to say hi? Same methods apply.) Here's how to flag us down.


Battleship Building • 444 North Front Street • Unit 101 • Columbus, OH 43215





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“You don't have to look far to find creativity.”


Wanna be a tree? Put down roots with us. The treetree culture is laid back but laser-focused. Our workspace is open, just like our minds, eyes and expectations. The people here are passionate and smart. Accomplished and hungry. Easygoing and focused. Methodical and restless. Fun people who are deadly serious about their business, their projects, and everybody’s happiness.

About treetree

  • We have a creative company, not a creative department, so everyone has the opportunity to be creative.
  • Our environment philosophy is “work hard at work, play hard at home,” and we value work-family balance.
  • treetree has grown rapidly over the past six years and we are uniquely positioned in the market as The Agency of Special Projects.
  • Team members at our growing agency have the freedom to voice their ideas and make an impact on process, policies and procedures. And, if you want to plan the next agency picnic, we’d welcome that too.
  • treetree is independent and female owned.
  • Every member of our team has the opportunity to wear many hats.
  • Fun, family-like work atmosphere and culture in an office in the heart of the Arena District – walk next door to the North Market, restaurants or the arena and experience the energy of the city.
  • Working at The Agency of Special Projects means there’s lots of diversity in the types of projects we are awarded. Often we get trusted with those that are most important and most urgent within large marketing departments at clients like OhioHealth, Alliance Data, Nationwide and Worthington Industries.
We’re always looking to expand our core team and extended network of experts in the treehouse. If your preferred working environment is:
  • a combination of smart strategy and creative ideas
  • involving constant change
  • positive and fast-paced
  • working with a variety of partners and clients

We want to hear from you!

Send an email to wannabeatree@treetreeagency.com. Include a resume with your best work. Or, apply to a specific job using the interface below.

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